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Cables, adapters


All equipment is provided to Apple customers, complete with charger device. For different models of devices intended his charge that different power connector. So, before the iPhone 5, all the gadgets were equipped with a 30 pin connector, however with the release of a new smartphone, it has changed to 8 pin Lightning.

To purchase a Charger you may need at any time, because even the best quality and original branded cable and network adapters can come into disrepair and break down. Or maybe you need an additional charger that you can leave in the office or to take with you? All kinds of chargers for Apple, you can find in our online store.

How to buy a adapter for iPhone or iPad?

If you need a charger for your Apple smartphone or tablet in advance to decide whether to buy the original or exercises from other manufacturers. Depends on the cost the device and its quality.

Difference network adapter for tablet and smartphone is power "cube". For charging phones used charging capacity of 1A, but for tablets – 2A. In our catalogue are as the original cubes for smart phones, and charging from Griffin, MacAlly and other manufacturers. Low prices adapters not always talking about the poor quality of the device, because many manufacturers offer adapters that are not inferior to the original.

In addition to the network adapter, for charging a smartphone/tablet you can use the cable that connects to the portable charger, docking station or computer. Choosing the cord pay attention to the connector type. If it original Lightning – it needs to be two way.

And yet, here you can find a variety of adapters. This section presents adapter charger with us plug to European suitable for use in domestic outlets.

Choice car charger

If you choose buy charger for car, then you should to pay attention to models that work from the cigarette lighter. When choosing charging don't forget to pay attention to its power. So many models equipped with two USB outputs of different current strength that will allow you using one charger to charge and tablets, and smartphones. However, there are the model, which is designed to charge only one type of equipment.